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Reading Order/Lists part 3

These lists weren't made by me, two were made by DC to help buyers and one is from 4chan, but what better sources to have lol~ No lj cut for you so live with it lol! It's Green Lantern, Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Blackest Night part 1, and I'm linking you to DC's website for the second part of that checklist!

So here's the Green Lantern list! This starts with Rebirth and also covers Green Lantern Corps:

This is the Battle for the Cowl reading list and gives you the release order, which is also very helpful in terms of a reading order:

And here's the first part of the Blackest Night reading list which also helps to give you some order!

The PDF version and second half of the Blackest Night reading list can be found here:

DC's Website


Legion + Batman Reading List

NO LJ CUT FOR YOU...but I loved you guys so much I went ahead and made two more reading lists for you guys! Feel free to drop comments about other titles you think I should add~ This is just of what I read/know/heard about

Legion of Super-heroes reading guide
Notes: Legion of Super-heroes is probably one of the most complex things you will ever get yourself into, just as a heads up, but the characters are really loveable/endearing and there are so many of them it’s hard to not find at least one that you’ll love! With that said there are three separate Legion of Super-hero Universes, but don’t fret because this guide will help you to at least figure out where to start, and at least two of the Legion universes have had starts or restarts in the past 10 years to make it easier for everyone, with the third starting up later this year! Unfortunately for Legion only its most recent series ever got collected as a trade paperbacks/graphic novels so that’s the only thing I can give you a reading order for, since it'll be about a year until the new Legion series will be collected as a graphic novel! It’s second series ‘The Legion’ got a single book published, but it more or less tosses you into the middle of everything and is a bit disjointed and better to skip overall. Anyway here's the reading list for the Legion Threeboot!

Notes: Threeboot, as it is often referred to, is the third incarnation of the Legion to be introduced to the DCU. It's a good introduction to the Legion series

Legion of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution
Legion of Super-Heroes: Death of a Dream
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Strange Visitor from Another Century
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Adult Education
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Dominator
Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Rising
Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Manifest

Batman Reading guide:
Generally speaking there is a lot of Batman, after all Detective Comics and Batman are both over 700 issues long (I think Detective is into almost 850+ even). Most of the Graphic Novels for Batman graphic novels are pretty self contained, but there is a certain continuity/timeline to follow, so here’s a loose guide of the more major arcs and other Batman graphic novels that are worth taking a look at~

*= no longer printed
Batman: Year One
*Batman: Death in the Family
*Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying
Batman: Knightfall
Batman: Knightquest
Batman: KnightsEnd
Batman: Cataclysm
Batman: No Man’s Land vol 1-5
Batman: Hush
Batman: War Drums
Batman: War Games Act 1
Batman: War Games Act 2
Batman: War Games Act 3
Batman: Under the Hood
Batman and Son
Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul
Batman: Heart of Hush
Batman RIP
Batman: Battle for the Cowl (I have the checklist/reading guide for Battle for the Cowl if anyone wants it)
Series that started after completion of Battle for the Cowl:
Batman and Robin – revolves around Damian and Dick
Red Robin – revolves around Tim Wayne
Batgirl v 3 – revolves around Stephanie
Gotham City Sirens – revolves around Harley, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. Hush and Riddler also pop up quite a bit
Azrael – stars the new Azrael

Frank Miller:
All Star Batman and Robin
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Jeph Loeb + Tim Sale:
Batman: Haunted Knight
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Dark Victory

Worth reading but doesn’t quite fit into continuity:
Notes: These are the Batman books, not include Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale books, and Frank Miller Batman, that are worth a look! Some of the books are Elseworld/AU titles and are self-contained, while other titles have had a huge impact on the Batfamily! Anyway here it goes!!

* = elseworld title

Batman: The Killing Joke
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
*Batman & Dracula: Red Rain
*Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp
*Batman: Thrill Kill

Reading Order

I loved you guys so much I made a reading order list for major DC events! You all better appreciate it because I didn't have a nice happy list like this, which screwed me over D=

This is the reading order for major DC Events
Identity Crisis
OMAC Project (Graphic Novel)
Countdown to Infinite Crisis
OMAC Project
Wonder Woman #219 (if not graphic novel)
Infinite Crisis
Countdown to Final Crisis
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds (As long as it’s read after Infinite Crisis and Countdown you’re good)
Final Crisis
Blackest Night
Brightest Day

My list may be inaccurate so please drop a note and I'll fix that up

Varia Recruiting!

So me and astelspirals really really want to do Varia, well for me it'd be again, and we wanted to try and complete the group! At AX we were short three characters so starting from scratch in terms of recruiting =D After talking to Heather it sounds like we have almost the entire group minus XANXUS! Also we need to discuss which con to do it/which con will all of us be at to do the Varia group! Anyway as of now here's the list:

Varia Side:

Lussuria - dustyjack
Leviathan - astelspirals
Bel - chynoi
Marmon - aoi_tenshi
Squalo - unlock
Gola Moska - pkgaming



Vongola Side:

Lambo - dizzyconscience
Gokudera - jadeprince
Hibari - kawaiiaya
Chrome - ycysusan
Tsuna - nerdcore



Reborn Group + Gintama Group - Who's Who

Friday Reborn cosplayers:

Vongola (and associates):
Tsuna - amecandy
Hayato Gokudera - peachychan6
Yamamoto - chynoi
Hibari - afire
Orange Jumpsuit Hibari - ihito
Orange Jumpsuit Lambo - takaaxx
Baby Lambo - puchuu
Ipin - tea_egg
Dr. Shamal - cursedinanime

Kokuyo Gang:
Mukuro - unlock
Chikusa - kawaiiaya
Ken - cosplayeriori

XANUS - e1njuwannakno
Belphegor - tokiyoh
Squalo - shiroro
Marmon - aoi_tenshi

ihito's Reborn pics:
cursedinanime's Reborn pics (f-locked):
tokiyoh's Reborn pics (part I):
shiroro's Reborn + Gintama pics:
amecandy's Reborn pics:
Andy ('s Reborn group pic:
Al/Eurobeat King's Reborn pics:

There was another group running around on Sunday too but just took a quick pic :3

Gintoki - Plushie + Shiro's Chibi + tokiyoh's back
Shinpachi - aoi_tenshi
Kagura - afire
Kondou - astelspirals
Hijikata - melts
Okita - than

Blahblahblah class

So ya I've just been purdy much going to class and not much else XD So anti-social! I haven't even shown up to animu club since like a month ago...? I dunno the week after Emi was here and that time Skye went...That was the last time I went to animu club!